Friday, 1 January 2010

The Hundred in The Hands

So this is my music blog. I've started doing the Day Zero Project and hopefully this will be the incentive I need to regularly update this. The plan is to eventually run a website with everything on it. This Blog will mainly be new music and a catalogue of my wanderings. So here goes...

First up we have a band I stumbled across today. The Hundred in The Hands. This 2 piece band from Brooklyn (my favourite musical place) are signed to the mighty Warp records.

"With carefully composed polyrhythms, jagged guitar lines, and layered, breathy vocals, THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS keep the raw energy of post-punk illuminating their minds and Studio One boogie-down beats churning in their guts. This is no Rock concert spectacle, no stationary stare-fest. These are soundsytem-backed, foot stomping, clap hands beats for akimbo-limbed boogie kids. Ballrooms and bar floors are built strong, it’s time to give them a pounding."

This is a side project of The BoggsJason Friedman and touring bandmate Eleanore Everdell. Comprising swirling music beats around a hypnotic rhythm, they manage to produce the the perfect soundtrack to a hazy day. Check out Undressed/Dressed in Dresden, their split 7 inch single.

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