Friday, 1 January 2010

Underrated 2009 Albums - No.1 Young Galaxy - Invisible Republic

Canada is producing some very interesting music indeed and Young Galaxy are one of my favourite. Their second album, Invisible Republic, was one of my favourite of the year. It's easily the most diverse album I've heard. At times sounding like Radiohead, Aimee Mann, Sunset Rubdown and so so much more. It truly is an album where one song sounds different to the next.
has to be one of my songs of the year. It's pretty epic.

"Invisible Republic, Young Galaxy’s sophomore release, builds upon founding duo Stephen Ramsay (guitars, vocals) and Catherine McCandless’ (keyboards, vocals) penchant for transforming the mundane into the fantastic – catchy hooks build into epic crescendos, while political and ethical concerns share space with emotional observations.

“Our mandate for this record was: if it doesn't make you move, it better make you cry,” quips Ramsay. “Even better is making someone cry and dance at the same time. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but I like it!”"

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